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Handmade Leather Belt

Handmade Leather Belt

SKU: 364115376135191

Custom cut to your exact waist size from a side of Hermann Oak's Grade 'A' tannery selection, one of the finest sides of natural leather you can purchase. Basket stamped by hand, these belts come unlined at a 10/11 oz thickness (4.0-4.4mm). For an extra cost, you can choose a lined belt. Lined belts are two pieces of 5/6oz sewn together. The result is a bit more rigidity and a smooth inside look. 


    Wearing a pair of jeans/pants you wear often, take a tailors tape and measure from the center button, through all the loops and back around to the center button again. Where the tape meets is the measurement I will need to make your custom sized belt. If you do not own a tailors tape, I suggest getting one for the most accurate measurement possible (they are very affordable and good to have around the house). With that being said, we can get this measurement with a piece of string measured in the same fashion, just take the total measurement of the string where it meets in the middle. 


    We strive to keep our customers happy at all times, however, because of the custom nature of this product, returns/refunds will not be accepted. If you are not happy with your order, please contact us directly.


    This is a piece of natural vegetable-tanned leather. Each side of leather is unique in it's natural petina and may take a specific dye colour slightly different than a dye may advertise. we try our very best to make sure the customer is happy with the dye they have chosen and choose only the best from Fiebings Professional dye line to ensure the best quality for the customer. All dyed belts are sealed with an acrylic sealer for protection from sweat and moisture. Please care for your belt as you would any other leather product. With care and attention, this belt will last many years to come.

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